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Amber Trammell (born October 28, 1992) known professionally as STEEZO (stylized as STEEZO™), is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur. She is one of the world’s best-selling LGBT music artists, and is an entrepreneurial success with outrageous numbers.

Born and raised in Stone Mountain, GA, “EASTSIDE”, Steezo begin her music career at 15 years old, she graduated high school at the tender age of 16, and attended Full Sail University at 17. She has since through hard work and unwavering dedication established a flourishing music career and engineered a line of medical grade breast tape. Breast cancer survivors, trans genders, nursing mothers and many others say this is their go to product for support. She is an inspiration to many, and can often be seen wearing the tape on stage to promote.

What she presents is uniquely her own and doesn’t slot into any one genre. She is widely followed for her personable, charismatic, and heartfelt approach. Her accolades include opening for a multitude of Multi-Platinum recording artists and headlining LBGT prides and personal tours across the world. She has been seen on reality tv shows and has appeared in movies featured in theaters nationwide.

Steezo’s business acumen and life outside of music has also received significant mainstream attention with over 500 million viral views, over 100 thousand followers, rapid sales, and a demographic between the ages of 18-60. These stats make Steezo what the industry deems a marketable and profitable brand.

Her greatest obstacle has also been her mission – to educate others to discover that role models have no specific gender, color, background, or sexual orientation. Critics say,

“After meeting Steezo you will never judge a book by its cover again.”

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